Thursday, April 30, 2009


That is what I am now convinced I have on my car. My sweet beloved Honda. I got it in July 2006, my first brand new car. I had to wait 6 weeks for it to come in from the factory. In November, a mere 4 months after I got her, someone ran into my rear drivers side door when I was turning into the parking lot at work. I had to drive a rental car for a month while it was in the body shop. Fast forward to the summer of 2007, I went out to leave for work and there was a huge crack in the windshield! I had to pay over $350 for a new windshield. December that same year I had been at the movies and when I got outside and had the heater running and proceeded to watch the windshield crack all the way across the bottom. I cried thinking about how much it would cost me yet again, right before Christmas no less. Since the crack was at the bottom, I put it off... For over a year. I finally got it fixed in February his year. This morning I was driving to work and a big truck kicked up a rock from the road and it hit my windshield putting a big old chip in it. I was soooooo mad! I leave for my road trip in a mere 2 weeks. I really can't afford to be paying for a new windshield now and I certainly can't be driving cross country with a cracked windshield. Thank goodness it didn't crack before I could get the glass company to repair it. Now I am just praying that the bullseye will stay away from me while driving the open road!