Friday, August 28, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vacation Spots

So over at Kelly's Korner, she has asked us to share our favorite vacation spots. While I haven't participated much in the past, vacation is something I know a thing or two about. The hard part is coming up with my favorite spot, or even just a couple. So I am just going to share a few here, in no particular order here they are:
Anywhere you will find these kiddos and their parents. Right now it happens to be Daytona Beach, FLMe, J and C at the beach~ it was just a bit windy and cloudy that day.

Disney World~ The Happiest Place on Earth.

Meeting Minnie at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Cinderella's Castle lit up at Christmas

Glenwood Springs, CO ~ Been going here my entire life.

Hawaii ~ I took a cruise around the islands and it was wonderful!!!!

Sunrise at Haleakala Crater on Maui

Waves breaking on the Big Island of Hawai'i

Napali Coast ~ Kauai

Me at Waimea Canyon ~ Kauai


Blarney Castle

Kissing the Blarney Stone


San Francisco

There are so many more I could show you... Savannah, GA; NYC; Washington, DC; Caribbean islands. I guess you could say my favorite vacation destination is the World!