Monday, December 17, 2007

Pioneer Woman Rocks

For the last few months I have been following a blog that I just happened upon. Don't even know how I ended up there. I have been enjoying it immensley and just this last week I thought I should take a gander at her archives. OMG! She is hilarious! She is an amazing writer and literally make you laugh out loud whether it is just her writings or photographs. Some of her photos also leave you breathless... she and her husband and their children live on a beautiful ranch and I am telling you the beauty of it could knock you over.... Go check it out!

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am Truly Blessed

Tonight after spending the evening with friends, I was taking Amy back to her house and I was telling her how this year has been so full of things that one would rather not have to deal with and that I am just wishing I could crawl into a hole and come out after the new year and start fresh. It really has been a rough year. But then after I dropped her off and I was headed home for the night, I really got to thinking. After so many years with just a couple 'local" friends, none of whom I really saw on a regular basis, I finally have some friends that I feel really close to here. Don't get me wrong, I have a few friends who I hold near and dear to my heart and I don't know what I would do without them, especially Dawn, but it is really rough when they live 2000 miles away from you. This evening just really got me to thinking, after complaining and feeling really down about the way the year has gone for me, if it hadn't been for this year, I really don't think I would have Amy and Dara in my life right now. I thought, there is one blessing I have in my life and I really need to lean on that. But then I double checked myself thinking... wait a minute now, you have so many more blessings in your life. A great loving family, a roof over my head, my freedom, God and His gift to us on earth in the form of His Son, my health and so many more things. I need to start thanking God for those blessings more often. With that said, I feel especially blessed tonight in the friendship I have formed with these two really great gals. Thanks Amy and Dara for your friendship and support and for helping me open my eyes and see what I am truly blessed with. You guys are great!

One thing totally off topic... Recently we redid my bathroom and I am so incredibly happy with the outcome that I want to share it with everyone.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Yep, that's what I am, a SLACKER! I haven't posted in a month again. I did so well for awhile. I have been busy but not with anything that I want to give enough thought to, to actually write a post about it. Christmas is not going well for me this year yet. I haven't started my shopping or my cards. I am usually just wrapping everything up by now, maybe having just a few gifts left to buy if any, and my cards would have been out last week. I haven't even started them. I am meeting up with a friend of mine next Sunday afternoon to hopefully get them all done. And I am planning on hitting the stores Monday after work to try to get a bunch of my shopping done. Then a couple friends and I are getting together for dinner and gift exchange on Wednesday so that will be nice and hopefully it will get me in the spirit. It is snowy out, snowed a good share of the day. I love the snow. Looks like it has started up again but it is not coming down too much, just light. I always love the fresh snow before people have walked/shoveled/driven through it. It is so peaceful and soothing. If it wasn't so stinkin cold, I would go out and walk to the mailbox... but it is really cold out and I don't feel like freezing.