Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Family and Loss

Wow, it is only Tuesday and this has been a really rough week. It actually started on Friday. I am not going to go into details but there are some things happening with my cousin that are not good. Pray that she either starts making the right decisions in her life so that she can give Libby a good home or she steps away and lets someone else take care of her as their own. That little girl is at an age where she needs a consistent caregiver. My aunt and uncle have been taking care of her for the most part lately. A is hardly ever home and even when she is, she is not the one caring for the baby. My aunt and uncle should not have to raise their grandchild, they should be able to be grandma and grandpa. It is a tough situation that needs a lot of prayer. Libby is a wonderful child who deserves to be raised in a home full of love and care and A does not seem to understand this. Prayer is the only answer to this and having to be patient for these prayers to be answered is really tough.

On Sunday we headed up to my Aunt Linda and Uncle Gary's. They live up in the mountains and we had a mini family reunion. My Uncle Bob was in town from upstate New York and he brought along with him his new girlfriend Fay. We were all there and it was great to see everyone together again. My Uncle Bob just recently (within the last year) split from his ex-wife and we learned a few things about that. We had not seen my uncle in 4 years, which was not unusual as they never came out to visit very often. Turns out that it was mostly becuase his wife didn't like to fly and they would either have to drive or take the train both of which made for a very long trip down here. Anyway, he was here with Fay this last week and we will probably get to see him a lot more often now, possibly even every year. Fay said she would push him on the plane out here. I think I am really going to like her. :) It was a great visit, we sat out on the deck, had lunch, visited and just really caught up with everything happening in eachothers lives. Last night we got to meet up for dinner and a final goodbye before they head back to NY tomorrow. I talked to my uncle and I am probably going get to visit them next spring and I am really excited about it.

On Monday morning, we got some very sad news at work. One of our long time and well respected Lt's passed away after a long and courageous battle with cancer. He will be missed by all. Funeral services are on Thursday afternoon and it will be big. He was known nationwide for his work in law enforcement. It has been a sober couple days around here.

I will try to get some pictures posted tonight.

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