Monday, February 25, 2008


Wow.  The last few weeks have been a bit overwhelming for me.  Nothing real big happened but it's just a bunch of little things.  First off I want to share something that has been on my heart since Feb. 3.  My parents and I were headed to the grocery store (not the one we usually go to) and while on the way there, we saw that there was an accident on the highway that we were going over.  While we couldn't actually see the accident, I knew it wasn't good because they had the highway completely shut down.  I work for the PD in the area and I was pretty sure this was going to be our accident.  I had this feeling that this wouldn't have a happy ending.  Well, later that night after we got back home, I saw on the news that there was in fact a VERY serious car accident in which 2 people were killed.  A man was driving down, had some sort of medical episode, swerved into the lane of traffic next to him and struck the side of a van carrying missionaries.  The van had 6 people in it including an 18 month old little boy.  On top of that the people in the van were missionaries preparing to leave the country to take the good news of Jesus Christ to people around the world.  The two people killed instantly were two women, one from South Africa.  I am unsure where the other was from.  The people transported to the hospital were a woman from Michigan and a family of three from California.  On Monday morning I got to work and sure enough it was our accident.  We got word that the little boy didn't make it, and his mom was in serious condition and at that point they did not know if she would make it or not.  The man who caused the accident came away from the accident uninjured.  This whole situation has tugged on my heartstrings from the very beginning.  Today the father of the little boy came in to get a copy of the accident report.  I gathered all the paperwork and the accident report and gave it to him.  When I returned to my desk I was telling my co-worker how the whole thing just broke my heart, and then I started to cry.  I see this kind of this day in and day out in my job.  But for some reason, this one really touched me.  I can feel that connection with them as brothers and sisters in Christ.  It is a bit overwhelming.  I don't know these people from the guy on the street corner and I just wanted to take this man who has just lost his son so tragically and is fighting for his wife to heal, and hold him.  It is truly heartbreaking. 
Some other news, is my grandmother has decided to move.  After my grandfather died back in October, she said she wasn't going to make any decisions about moving and selling the house for a year.  Well, she realized how lonely she was in that big house and has decided to move.  She is putting the house on the market and she is moving to a senior community where she will have a 1 bedroom condo and all the wonderful amenities there are.  I will have to come back one day soon and put a link on here for their website.  They are a registered 501( c) (3) (registered non-profit) and they have locations all over the country. 
I found out that a really dear friend of mine is having a baby girl this spring.  I am so excited.  She and her husband live in the Kansas City area but they are going to be out here in a couple weeks for a shower and I will hopefully get to spend some more time with them. 
My cousin is doing really well.  She is apart from the loser boyfriend who beat her up and right now is out of town with a new guy.  This is a guy we were not too sure about when he first appeared, but suprisingly he has turned out to be pretty good.  He is taking care of A and L and treating them well.  My aunt believes he truly loves A and I can only hope that it is true.  Although it would be a lot easier if he wasn't in his 50s but if this is God's answer to our fervent prayers... Who are we to question Gods' will? 
I am working with a travel agent this week to book my trip for this fall.  I am so excited!!!!  I will post here exactly what I am doing once it is booked. 
My television is on the fritz... and my windshield is cracked... Again (I just replaced the windshield this summer).  I ordered a new TV tonight and hope it is as good a deal as it sounds. It is a 20" flat screen LCD for less that $250.  I think I got a steal on it.  We will see when it gets in in about a week.  Since I bought a TV, the windshield is going to wait for awhile.  Probably after my trip. 
Well, I should be getting to bed now.  I am exhausted and it is snowing out which means I have to leave for work a bit early. 

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