Monday, May 05, 2008

Dreaming... and hoping

So I have only just been back from San Francisco (still haven't sat down and gone through all my pictures, better things to do lately... like sleep), and I am already dreaming of my next trip to plan. I'm not talking about Ireland either (which I am going in October). Well, not only have I already booked hotel and kennel for the dogs for my parents and I to get away to Glenwood Springs at the end of June, but I have been furiously researching hotels and such for us to all go to Hawaii together for about a week and a half. I am hoping that we may be able to island hop and see all of the larger islands. I had such a great time when I went last year... was getting ready to head home a year ago tomorrow. I really wished I'd had more time to spend there and see more. I would like my parents to go with me too. I am serious when I say that I would move there... but the financial aspect prevents me from doing that. How could I possibly enjoy living there if I had to work 2+ jobs just to get by and that wouldn't leave me any extra to travel with. Just not realistic. I read a blog and the authors family travels to Maui every year. It is so beautiful and I have to admit, I am jealous... So now I am off to dream and hope that it is possible for me to do this with my parents.

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