Saturday, June 13, 2009

Show Us Where You Live

I haven't been participating in this but when I saw that it was bathrooms, I actually wanted to jump in here. I redid my bathroom recently and I love it so much that I actually love to share it. The color is a little extreme but LOVE it. I still have to do the floor, I want to tile it but that is a cost that I decided to wait to spend. I actually started with the shower curtain and went from there. My friends in Florida gave me the little guy on the counter as a gift (it was a bunch of stuff to make me think of the beach here in landlocked Colorado) and I thought I would complete the look and have a couple. On the wall that isn't shown, I used robe hooks in place of a towel rod. It's so much easier than the rod. I have a canvas painting I picked up in the Caribbean that I want to get stretched and framed that I plan on hanging above the hooks. Enjoy!

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~Bobbi~ said...

Yellow, my favorite color! So cheery!