Friday, August 02, 2013

{five on friday}

This is on my mind a lot lately. Looking forward to enjoying many beautiful sunsets in the Hawaiian Islands, just a short 157 days from now. Can we please fast forward through the majority of those days?

A lot of people were posting throwback pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram yesterday. I meant to log on and share mine here but I never got around to it. So I will share it with you today (I say that like I have a whole bunch of readers, ha!)

For all of my 34 years we have made an annual trip to one of my favorite vacation spots. Many times we made the trek more than once. Glenwood Springs is just a sweet little town (although through the years it is slowly becomin not quite so small. But this year the summer has slipped by so quickly that I was worried that we would miss our chance. But no fear, we are finally headed up in a few weeks for a few days of much needed R&R.


This just makes me laugh. That's one smart bear.

I love to read! But as of late I haven't been reading like I used to. I want to read more though so I am looking for suggestions for good books. Nothing to heavy or too serious. I read to escape my reality. Do you have any suggestions?

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