Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Do You Think They Do This At Home?

Alright, I am ready to pull my hair out of my head... You see, I work in an office that is dominated by men. I workin in the office with 2 other women and then there is my boss. He drinks a lot of coffee which in and of itself is normal. However, when he doesn't finish his cup, instead of walking down the hall to the bathroom sink or even the drinking fountain, he dumps it in his trashcan! Anyway, back to the story, we process a lot of paperwork through our office which is important and we have to keep it all on file or it could cause a lot of problems. I won't go into a lot of details, but yesterday one of our files was removed from the office and it should have been returned to us. This afternoon, we realized that it had never been returned. Off I went to track it down. I talked to the person who had taken it from the office and she told me that she didn't realize we needed it back because "they were just copies." Anyway, she had passed it on to someone else and she didn't know where they were. She got hold of him and he said he THREW THEM IN THE TRASH!!!! I just about exploded when I heard this. Fortunately, the janitorial service is pretty bad and they had not emptied the trash cans in the office. We pull out the trash can and sure enough... there's our paperwork... DRIPPING WITH COFFEE!!!! To top it all off, this is not the first time we have found paperwork in the trash covered with coffee. My question is where did they ever get the idea that this was okay and do they do this at home?!? My goodness...

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