Saturday, January 10, 2009

Desperate Plea for Prayer

Please pray for my cousins upcoming court date on Monday.
Specifically pray for:
The judge to listen to both sides and see the untruths that are being told.
My cousin to be strong, stand up for herself and fight for her little girl who is the one who is really being hurt in all this.
My grandmother who hopes to be able to speak in court and testify to the reality of the situation and the negative impact this is all having on a precious little girl who needs to be kept safe.
That I can take the time off work Monday morning to be able to be there to not only possibly speak but to be a part of the support system my cousin so desparately needs to have behind her right now.
That the father tells no more lies to manipulate the system to hurt my cousin.
That our family can be strong through this.
That the little girl in the middle of what is possibly going to be a very ugly custody battle, will stay safe, happy and soon be in a home where she can be joyful, and not afraid.

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