Thursday, January 01, 2009

Disney, the big 3-0 and Caitlin Maree

One really has nothing to do with the other, just thinking about both of them tonight. First I leave for Disneyland in California in 3 days. I am really excited, although the trip coming up means one thing... my birthday is soon too. I never really thought that I would mind turning 30, but right now I am not so happy about it. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would still be single, childless and still living at home at this time in my life. I really do want to just stay 29 for a bit longer. I told my grandpa tonight that if I could stay 29, he could stay 77, and not have to turn 80 in a few years. If only that were a plan either one of us could stick to. I REALLY, REALLY DO NOT WANT TO BE 30!!!! I am taking my laptop with me so I am hoping to blog on it daily, and I will be able to post pictures too. Nothing real exciting but for those who would like to join me, come along...

Daydreamer in the House of the Mouse

On a much happier note... I just want to say... Caitlin Maree, we cannot wait to meet you and love you for the rest of your life, but if you could please do me a big favor and make sure you don't come early and wait at least until I am back from California.

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