Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is it over yet?

I swear this has been one of the longest weeks ever. I feel like last weekend was ages ago. Of course it doesn't help that we have been really slow at work and therefore the work days drag on... Next week will be rough too. The whole 2 days I am working. After the long Labor Day weekend, I will work 2 days and then I am off to sunny Florida on Thursday to visit friends. They just had a baby on July 6th and I am soo excited to see him and his big sister. I saw them back in May before the baby. I will just hang there and visit... maybe go to the beach. Nothing too exciting like Disney or anything. I would love to do Disney but I am really broke right now. I just bought a new car a couple months ago. It's a 2006 Honda Civic and I LOVE IT!!!! The only thing is that means I now have car payments again, insurance went up a bit and now I have to go get my tags for it tomorrow. It's gonna hurt the pocketbook. But I have vacation to look forward to.

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