Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weekend of R&R

Well, the longest week finally ended. My parents and I had a nice steak dinner last night and walked out and it was cold and misty... not rainy but misty. This morning I woke up and it felt like it does in the winter time and it has snowed outside... but it was just because I had left my ceiling fan on all night so it was cold in my room. It has been cloudy all day. Not a lot of rain but enough so it feels like an early fall day before it's cold enough to snow. I would actually be ecstatic if it snowed but I think I would be crazy to expect it to actually snow. The local news website says it is only 57 out and the high is supposed to be 67, don't know if it will make it though. Sunday should be comfortable in the low 70s and Monday is described as "perfect" with a high of 80. I like the cold, cloudy, rainy days myself. I sometimes think I would love to live in Seattle but after a couple days of this, I usually crave a little sunshine. Plus the one time I was in Seattle, it rained only three times during the whole week and once was in the middle of the night. So I think I have a bit of as false perception of what it is like there.

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