Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Finally Some Relief

Well, I will no longer have to worry about stress at school, I withdrew from classes today. It was not the easiest decision to make though. I was caught in a place where tomorrow is the last day to withdraw and get tuition refunded. However, if I just dropped the one class that I loathe, I would lose my student loan and would have to pay for my other class basically immediately. I am already out the money for the books and supplies which I already bought, I really couldn't come up with the extra money to pay for the class. So I dropped both of them. That is what was the really hard part. One of them I was happy to drop. As a matter of fact, I wrote emails to the instructor telling her that esentially she was the reason I decided to drop the class. It is a huge brick taken off my back. I was so tense last night that I didn't sleep well. Tonight should be better since I don't have to worry about that.

See this? This is the forecast of the rest of the week. Saturday, we fly to Florida for the cruise. I am so looking forward to this trip. I have walked around work all week (the whole two days so far) like an incoherent zombie. It has not been pretty.

So vacation is in 5...4...3...

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