Monday, January 29, 2007

Why didn't you say so?

I have been on such an emotional roller coaster lately. I don't quite understand. I have always been a bit of an emotional person but this is much more that usual. It is really stressing me out. I haven't heard from my friend who was supposed to go in for induced labor today. I am hoping everything is alright. She had some other complications so I just hope that she is have a long labor and nothing went wrong. I may try to call her at the hospital tomorrow afternoon. Maybe she will call me in the morning and I won't have to worry anymore.

Work has just been stressful lately. I am so over it right now. I go through these phases where I am just ready to quit and find a new job. But I really don't want to lose the job security and I would be hard pressed to find another job with the great benefits that I have now. So after a long day at work, I had to go to school... the instructor I have on Mon and Wed is a total airhead in my opinion. Fist off, I will be gone next week (on my cruise, woohoo!), which this trip was planned long before I even considered going back to school. Anyway, I talked to her the first night of class about me being gone, and she told me that she would see what she could come up with for me to make up the missed classes (as well as I wanted to know what I would miss as far as assignments, so I could be prepared for when I returned to class the following Monday). So I sent her an email over the weekend to remind her about me being gone and that I was still waiting for her to provide me with that information. I didn't hear back from her (she claims to be really good about responding to email, but both emails I have sent her, have gone pretty much unanswered until late the night before our next class and then this last one until we were in class. She then proceeded to pretty much blast me in front of the entire class about being gone and that she was unhappy about it and on and on... I was so furious about that... I do have to say though, she then gave us her extra credit assignment she would accept for the semester. It seems like it will be pretty easy and she is giving it a pretty hefty point value for extra credit. Then on top of that, last Monday we were given a project to work on which is due next Monday. Since I am going to be gone, I was planning on having it ready to turn in on Wednesday. This assignment was originally given to us with limited guidelines, and she told us to just go with it, she wanted to see what we came up with. So I worked my butt off this weekend trying to get as much done as possible since I also have work and class tomorrow... tonight when she heard people starting to freak out about how they didn't understand the assignment etc, she decided to give us more "guidance" on it. People start asking questions and she starts getting more specific about what she wants, and on and on... now I have to practically start all over, as what I have done already, doesn't meet her "guidelines." Ahhhhh!!!!!! I just want to write her a scathing email telling her what I think of what she has done, but I have to keep reminding myself, this is the lady who will be grading me for the rest of the semester (this is only the 3rd week of classes). So I walk out of there absolutely furious, again wondering what I was thinking when I decided to go back to school... This just topped it off...I am driving home, my mind on school (and my friend, who at this point, I am starting to worry about a little bit), I am on a dark state highway, I look down and I am going 13 over the speed limit, and no sooner do I notice this and go to slow down, I also notice a sheriff's deputy sitting there, and I know he is working traffic enforcement... Sure enough, I pass him and he pulls up behing me with lights, pulling me over... I am going to get a ticket. Although at the same time, I am hoping he will check my driving record and notice that it is spotless... I hand him my registration, insurance and license and proceed to apologize to him. He goes back to his car to do the normal driving and warrant clearance. I know he is writing me a ticket because it is taking too long if he is just going to give me a warning. He walks back up with his clipborad (with a ticket attached to it, for yours truly, he asks for my home phone number (which I willingly give him), then he asks me where I work... this is where the evening perks up... I work for a local police department (this is another reason why I would like to stay at my current place of employment :-)) He just looks up at me with a look of frustration... asks me what I do there (I work in the records office), and then he says to me while handing me back my papers without a ticket, "Why didn't you say something earlier?" "Sorry, sir." "Just drive safe..." Thank you Deputy Compton, you made my day... actually it was probably more like YOU MADE MY WEEK!!!! (just for the record, I know I could have probably saved myself some time and stress wondering if I would be getting a ticket if I HAD said something earlier (we all take care of our own), and I seriously considered this as I saw those red and blue flashy lights pull out behind me, but I also know that I probably really did deserve that ticket and would have taken it. There is a bit of an ethical question with that too... I will tell them if they ask but I don't know if I could consciously try to use that to get out of something I really truly deserve).... So once again, THANK YOU Deputy Compton... He is my angel this week and I will jump through hoops for him if he ever needed anything from our office. So I actually pulled back out onto the highway with a smile on my face and a chuckle in my throat...

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